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NMRO seventh annual bike day at the capitol

The New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization (NMRO) is holding it's seventh annual Bike Day at the Capitol on Saturday Jan. 30th. The rally this year is focusing on opposition to SB11 and SB13, popularly known at the "gang bills." Under this loosely worded legislation any group of three or more people wearing similar attire and belonging to an organization could be prosecuted under these special laws and enhancements.

Although the wording of the bills specifically reference organizations which are  formed with the intent of engaging in criminal activity, there is concern the enhanced powers the bills would give to law enforcement could lead to widespread harassment of innocent individuals or groups.

The bills were introduced by Senator Phil A. Griego - (D) the chairman of the corporations and transportation committee.   According to Project Vote Smart Senator Griego's voting record on issues of civil liberty is extremely positive.  However, the ACLU continues to oppose this legislation as it appears on the agenda year after year.

According to Barbara Alva, the MRF representative for New Mexico, it is important for all bikers who can to come to the event to show their support and for a chance to see the legislative process in action.

                                                                         When and Where:

                                                                      Saturday January 30, 2010

                                                                             12:00 Noon
                                                                      Santa Fe, New Mexico
                                    Round House Rotunda (State Capitol Building in Santa Fe)

                                           Click Here for additional address and parking details

For More Information Contact Barbara 505-263-7974


  • Patty Davis 5 years ago

    We had similar 'gang' legislation pending in Kentucky but it didn't go any where after KBA/KMA (our local bikers' rights organization) got involved.

  • Cameron Weckerley 5 years ago

    Well Patty, we have a bunch of brothers going over there today. Unfortunately I cannot join them because I will be working, but we shall see what happens. That is encouraging news though.

  • Sharon Smith Dallas MC Lifestyle Examiner 5 years ago

    Gotta keep the pressure on or they do what they want.

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