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NMA Con Announces More Guests

Year 200X, the musical guest at NMA Con 2010.
Year 200X, the musical guest at NMA Con 2010.
Year 200X

   The Northern Michigan Anime Convention has recently added two more guests to their guest list. The convention, located in Traverse City, MI, is returning for its second year after a successful run last year. It was already known that voice actor Chris Patton would be attending the event.

  To add to the list, Vic Mignogna will be attending the event. This means he will be attending ACen, Youmacon, and NMA con, at least three cons within the area this year. Vic is most famous for voicing Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, although he has many other characters under his belt, and is also a musician.

  Also attending NMA con this year is the band Year 200X. They play guitar-driven covers of video game music, and were featured in Nintendo Power Magazine for their album, "We Are Error" which consisted of 13 tracks that covered songs from the NES game system. NMA will be their first Anime convention performance.

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  • Annie 5 years ago

    NMAC has been around for three years. This is their third convention, not second.

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