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NJ, VA go red

Normally, I don't like using terms like left and right, or red and blue, but I am going to make an exception for today. As of yesterday, New Jersey and Virginia became red states. After years of having Democratic governors, both states chose new Republicans as their governors. There was much rejoicing among the people, even those outside of those states.

To all those who rejoice, now is not the time to relax and say, "now the Republican can do what we need him to, and we don't have to worry about it anymore." On the contrary, these new Republican representatives in New Jersey and Virginia need to be held accountable. They need to have their every move watched, and be criticized, just as if they were a democrat.

In this country, people affiliated with particular parties tend to get lazy when their party is "in control". When a democrat is in office, democrats seem to not care what is going on because "their person" is in office. LIkewise, when a republican is in office, republicans seem to not care what is giong on because "their person" is in office.

The real change in mindset needs to happen that all elected officials are held accountable to the people. These are the people who take our money for their projects. We the people need to make sure that that money is going to take care of the right things. Tax dollars should be appropriated. The money should be going to build, and maintain roads, pay for our police and fire departments. These dollars should not be spent on unfundable project plans. These funds should not be spent on Pork projects that only benefit a very small group. When money is misspent, all the people need to be outraged, regardless of party affiliation.

Last night, I attended the "celebration" party for Matthew Ridenhour, a Republican candidate for Charlotte City Council. This was very much a Republican event. People were upset with the significant Republican losses in Charlotte. And after Democrat Anthony Foxx won the seat for Mayor, I even heard one woman say, "I can't live here anymore." Despite the fact that Foxx and Republican candidate John Lassiter had very similar voting records during their time on Charlotte's City Council. Matthew ultimately lost his bid for a seat on City Council last night, as 8 out of 11 seats went to democrats, turning Charlotte into a very blue city.