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NJ teen sexual assault case eerily similar to Ga ex-Calhoun High students case

Three black teen suspects in New Jersey and three white teen suspects in Georgia are facing sexual assault charges in two separate incidents involving illegally intoxicated teen girl victims.
Three black teen suspects in New Jersey and three white teen suspects in Georgia are facing sexual assault charges in two separate incidents involving illegally intoxicated teen girl victims.courtesy of Bergen County Jail

Four male teens were charged in New Jersey for sexual assault of an intoxicated teen girl, and one of them was also charged with manufacturing child pornography when he videotaped the attacks, according to a July 15 Associated Press report available on MSN.

The three Elmwood Park teens were 18-years-old Craig Howe, Justin Draper and Ashari Wilson, and the fourth defendant is a 17-year-old from a nearby borough who was not named due to his age.

Wilson is also charged with manufacturing child pornography, since he is accused of making a video of the attacks, just like is alleged to have happened in the Georgia case this summer, in which three 18-year-old ex-Calhoun High School students--Fields Chapman, Avery Johnson and Andrew Haynes--are also alleged to have sexually assaulted and digitally recorded the crime with one of the defendants' cell phones.

There are a lot of similarities in this case, but there are some differences as well. In the New Jersey case the four suspects were black males compared to three white males in the Georgia case. But in both cases the crime involved a gathering of youth at a residence in which a young teen girl was present and heavily intoxicated.

In the Jersey case the girl was only 15-years-old, while the Georgia girl was aged 18. In New Jersey the crime is alleged to have occurred at the home of two of the 18-year-old suspects, while the Georgia sexual assault is alleged to have occurred at the upscale Coosawattee River Resort, the home of another female Calhoun High School student who was throwing a post-prom party at her parents' cabin. (You can see photos from that crime scene here).

According to a July 14 news report, Howe and Draper received a bail of $150,000 and Wilson's bail amount was $200,000 in the Jersey case. Compare that to the three teens in Georgia, who only had a bond amount of $50,000 each. And who were also allowed to turn themselves into authorities, rather than face arrest at their homes or in public, despite two of them having been arrested in the past for underage drinking. One of them was on still on probation for it.

Those three youth were indicted in Georgia in early July on aggravated sexual battery charges, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

There originally was a fourth male questioned in the Georgia sexual assault case, but he was deemed by investigators to have no involvement in the crime, according to his attorney. And it is believed his testimony will help prosecutors in their efforts to paint a complete picture of the night's events when the case goes to trial.

Three 18-year-old black teen males in New Jersey and three 18-year-old white teen males from Georgia are all accused of sexually assaulting illegally intoxicated teen girls in residential settings in what appears to be gang-like fashion. And both groups made images of the event and shared them with others after the assaults, as if it is bragging rights and the purpose of having a camera on your cell phone.

And the question now is whether justice will prevail in the New Jersey teen sexual assault case as well as the one in Georgia for the two female teen victims? And whether the justice up North for the three black defendants will be the same as that dispensed down South for the three white athletes, if all are found guilty?