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NJ man accused of raping, beating 5 daughters

NJ. Man accused of beating, raping and impregnating daughters
NJ. Man accused of beating, raping and impregnating daughters

NJ. A father has been accused of raping and beating all five of his daughters beating his children with wooden boards and even moving at one point to avoid child welfare investigators. This activity began in the mid 1980's and continued until 2002 when he and his wife separated. The wife was aware of the abuse, but was too afraid to do anything about it.

At a hearing last week, the 51-year-old man's former wife described in a calm voice her marriage to a man whose visions she said drove him to try to create "pure" family bloodlines by impregnating several of his teenager daughters.The girls father is accused of impregnating three of the five daughters, which gave birth to six children between them. The babies were born in the home, with no medical attention, two died and were buried in the backyard.

Prosecutors are preparing to have the man stand trial five times, one per child victim. Arrested in 2006, he stands accused of raping five of his daughters. He is being held on $1 million bond.

Having been ruled competent to stand trial earlier this year, he faces 27 charges including aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, lewdness, child endangerment, aggravated criminal sexual contact and criminal sexual contact.

Where was justice during all of this you ask? According to court records and published reports, the girls' father was arrested in 2000 and charged with kidnapping for allegedly trying to take three of his children from state custody at a Monmouth County medical center. He posted bail and later pleaded guilty to assault and child endangerment and was sentenced to a year's probation. Go system! Source: Associated Press



  • Jess B, NJ 4 years ago

    That man deserves to be abused and attacked even worse than he has done to his own children, regardless of his supposed mental illness. That sorry excuse for a human being, much less the mother to those children should refuse even a stiffer penalty. I know battered women have their own demons to deal with, however, how can you let anyone knowingly do that to your child?? And for years?? With 3 daughters??? They're made for eachother and should both rot in hell. Those poor girls and their inbred offspring are irreparably damaged. Shocking and heartbreaking, as well as maddening and disgusting. Irreprehensible.

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