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NJ bands get stiffed on Superbowl

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Whether you're a fan of football, or just couldn't quell the tide of Facebook and Twitter updates last night, you know that the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks are going to the Superbowl in 2 weeks, which is fantastic, because both teams had amazing seasons behind them.

That aside, however, Met Life Stadium, which the game will be played in, is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, but for some reason, a lot of advertisers and news organizations repeatedly refer to the game being held in New York. While NJ and NY share a thin border, East Rutherford is miles from getting into NY's territory. Had the game been hosted in Weehawken, maybe it would be okay, since the Hudson spans only so far, but it's not.

Moreover, there is an extreme atmosphere of under-appreciation for NJ bands this Superbowl season, which raises a question: Why?

No Bruce Springsteen? No Bon Jovi? Streetlight Manifesto? Nothing?! Geez.

Yes, it looks like NJ is getting seriously stiffed this year in favor of more popular artists who are selling high on the charts. Interestingly, there's been little lashing out of NJ fans about either topic. While a few disputes pop up on social media here and there, there aren't many that seemed to be bothered by The Garden State getting the short end of the stick.

Perhaps it's because we really don't take a keen interest in our shared culture. Or could it be that NJ fans of both football and music just don't care what anyone else thinks?

Regardless, let's all remember, although we're often the punchline in every joke about the East, and many of the artists that we've produced are obscured into being labeled NY bands like everything else that we produce miles over the border, we still have something that nobody else can top: Jersey pride. It just doesn't sound as good anywhere else.