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Nixon grandson in China includes giant pandas in groundbreaking visit redux

Richard Nixon's grandson went to Beijing, China with more than three dozen United States dignitaries to begin duplicating the 37th President's 1972 visit. The trip, which includes a stop to witness the country's giant pandas everyone in the world has lived to love, was considered groundbreaking. In fact, according to China News on May 3, Nixon's trip was "a diplomatic breakthrough that ended 25 years of mutual silence."

Nixon grandson in China to visit the Beijing Zoo giant pandas
Nixon grandson in China to visit the Beijing Zoo giant pandas
Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

So what does that mean to today's travelers?

The ability to visit the People's Republic of China resumed because of Nixon. His trip was a way to reestablish ties between that country and this country. The President's ten-day trip that took place 40 years ago was called "Nixon Centennial Legacy Journey" and the itinerary took in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Following the same route, Christopher Nixon Cox, Nixon's grandson, has the identical China tour on his radar. This has been a way in which he is able to honor Richard Nixon's visit which, according to one of the delegates, "changed the course of history."

The 34-year-old Cox said, "With this visit, the United States and China come together to honor my grandfather on his 100th birthday. He continued, saying that the trip was also a way to "celebrate another generation of friendship between our two nations."

Among the highlights, the delegates will take the same walk of the Great Wall as the President of the United States did in 1972. As previously mentioned, the group will peek in on the Beijing Zoo's giant pandas, a highlight for Pat Nixon during the historical visit. In fact, the First Lady was so in love with these cuddly creatures that Ling-Ling and Xing-Xing went lent to Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo thanks to Mrs. Nixon.

Then it's on to Hangzhou where the Six Harmonies Pagoda is on the itinerary. The structure is awesome, a masterpieces of ancient Chinese architecture. The Hangzhou State Guesthouse, a landmark where Nixon crafted his first draft of the Shanghai Communique, is also on tap. A bullet train ride after that will take the contemporary committee to booming Shanghai.

Although much of this fast-forward metropolis was not build when Richard Nixon visited in 1972, he was able to embrace the stunning French quarter with its art deco buildings and its European flair. The new group from the United States will get to experienced something different as well, including the World Financial Center, dubbed the fourth-tallest building in the world. All of the 2013 delegates will cruise down the Yangtze River at sunset.

The tour that includes Nixon's grandson as he visits China has been sponsored by the Richard Nixon Foundation and the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.


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