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See also: Review via Ginae is a California company who have been in business since 1998. Their mission is to make the little things better. Better watches (for all). Better purses. Better audio gear.

Up for review are the following (for women);

Coterie Foldover Wallet
Time Teller P

Coterie Foldover Wallet ($45.00)
The Coterie is available in Oatmeal Stripe, Brown/Cherry and Cobalt Blue and we selected the last one. It's a pretty blue. However, we are frustrated upon opening the wallet. The card holding slots have to be stuffed to the max, in order that everything not come pouring out of the slots, the second that you are standing in the middle of a retail store, soon to pay for your purchases.

The wallet opens up into a trifold and the last fold is a zippered compartment. In fact, the zipper has a handle on it, so that you may carry the wallet as a wristlet. This is nice.

Normally, a wallet has a snap to keep it secure. This one has a magnet, which is better. The inside design of the wallet strikes us as odd. The inside of the wallet is comprised of a white canvas, with black lines. We didn't like it until a young family member told us that she did.

Time Teller P ($75.00) (See Through)
The watch is nice. It has a clear/see through band and a light gray face. The crown moves freely and the hands are white. We love it, in fact!

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