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A National Neighborhodo Watch System local to your area
A National Neighborhodo Watch System local to your area
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Neighborhood crime watch service is now being used in the Lehigh Valley, PA area.  What is  As stated on their website is "a Community Information Service providing one source for access to credible real-time community information".  To break that down, it allows every day people access to neighborhood activity.  If a crime is committed in your area, a text message or email will be sent to those who are registered with the Nixle service.

Remember the old days when Grandfather would sit and listen to the police scanner?  He would know when police cars were dispatched and he knew exactly what was going on?  Well, you too can be on the pulse of police information simply by registering on the website. 

There are four types of Nixle messages:

  1. Alerts - Emergency Alerts (such as Amber Alert
  2. Advisories - Less urgent messages (burglaries & thefts from nearby areas)
  3. Community Information (local burglaries & thefts)
  4. Local Traffic Issues

We all feel that 'sick to my stomach" feeling when an Amber Alert is issued.  Now information is spread quicker throughout the area using the Service.  This is great news for Lehigh Valley Residents especially when time is of the essence in recovering a lost or abducted child!

Are you planning a trip somewhere in the United States? is a national service, simply log on to the website before your trip and check to see if that area is covered by  If it is, add that area to your Account.  That way you can feel safe when you travel and know what is "going on" in the area your are visiting. 

Remember, education is the key in keeping yourself and your family safe.  Stay ahead of the negative forces in the community, check our today!


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