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Nitro coaster at NJ Six Flags gets stuck 233-feet in the air, strands riders

Passengers aboard the "gut-munching" Nitro coaster at NJ Six Flags on Friday afternoon got quite the scare after they found themselves at a complete stop after going up the ride's first 233-foot high incline. NBC New York confirmed on Saturday that Six Flags park officials say that the mishap was caused by a power outage.

Although there weren't any reported injuries, thrillseekers had to be escorted down the access stairs next to the track in order to reach safety. Ride operators climbed up, helped the passengers out of their seats, and down the stairs.

Park spokeswoman Kaitlyn Turi gave the following statement to the Asbury Park Press in an email:

"Nitro has a sophisticated computerized system that can cause such ride stoppages," she said. "All guests were safely removed from the ride within 23 minutes. Following standard safety checks by park staff, the ride was re-opened less than an hour later."

According to USA Today, the Nitro coaster at NJ Six Flags is ranked as the No. 9 fastest roller coaster in the country. It opened on April 7, 2001 as the fastest roller coaster in New Jersey and the tallest on the East Coast of the United States. It has been ranked number three in the Golden Ticket Awards Best Steel Roller Coaster every year from 2007 to 2012. It was ranked number four in 2013, Wikipedia writes.

Six Flags Great Adventure's website calls the Nitro coaster at NJ Six Flags Nitro "a new breed of thrill ride. It is known as a Hypercoaster, which translates into utterly over the top, speed, height, and airtime. The seating situation is minimal—no shoulder restraints, no sides on the cars – you’ll really feel like you’re just flying through space at insane speeds.

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