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Nissan to produce Nissan IDx concept by 2016

Jalopnik reported earlier today (Jan 15, 2014) that Nissan has greenlighted production of the Nissan IDx concept for consumers by 2016. The Nissan IDX concept is a small rear wheel drive sports car that will pay homage to the original affordable RWD Sports car, the Datsun 510.

The NISMO edition of the IDx with Brock Yates racing paint scheme
Nissan and NISMO MotorSports

The Nissan IDx concept car takes the styling of the classic Datsun 510 and brings it into the modern 21st century. ID stands for Identification and X represents the ideals of a new generation. There are two iterations of the IDx, the Freeflow concept and the NISMO edition.

The Nismo IDx Freeflow concept represents a piece of automotive engineering for car owners who want natural and tasteful things in their everyday lives. The exterior colors, interior design cues and all the touchpoints are in harmony with this philosophy. The natural tones of the exterior harken to a simple attire of beige khaki’s and a white tee. The interior is very homely and comforting and even the steering wheel is a no nonsense affair with a large odometer in the center. Look for a 1.2 to 1.5 L fuel efficient inline 4 attached to a CVT to bring adequate power and superior fuel efficiency.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Nissan IDX Nismo concept.The paint scheme harkens back to Brock Yates famed racing Datsun 510’s. If brought into production, most likely look for a 1.6L inline four turbocharged upwards close to 300 HP. Side pipe exhausts and a driver centric interior all point toward NISMO’s rich racing history.

With the success of the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ, Nissan execs have perked to the idea of a small rear wheel drive sporty coupe to add to there product portfolio. Now, Nissan is looking for consumer support to justify their decision.

Source : Jalopnik

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