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Nissan LEAF update for Tennessee

EV LEAF hits dealers in December
EV LEAF hits dealers in December
Nissan USA

For a limited number of first buyers of the Nissan LEAF, which go on sale in December, going electric has its perks. There's a $7,500 federal tax credit, a $2,500 cash rebate from the state of Tennessee, and a free $3,000 home-charging unit courtesy of the Energy Department. And here in Tennessee, LEAF drivers will be able to charge their vehicles free at public charging stations on 425 miles of freeways that connect Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

Demand for the new all electric Nissan LEAF has been much higher than expected. Right now, in Tennessee there are already over 400 reservations.

The initial number of LEAFs planned for The EV Project in Tennessee is 1,000 vehicles. The actual number placed in Tennessee will be based on the number of customer orders in Tennessee. This number may go down somewhat due to high demand in other markets, so don’t assume at this point that a certain number of LEAFs are expected to come to the greater Knoxville market. The number that actually come into the Knoxville market could be one-third of that number, or less.

  • Although the reservation system has been closed (as of Sept. 23, 2010), it is expected that not all of those reservations will be turned into purchases. Nissan expects to re-open the online reservation process in early 2011, although there are no guarantees. The only way to make sure you are on the list to find out when reservations have been re-opened is by becoming a “hand raiser,” or registering. This is your only option for getting a chance to purchase the first model year Nissan LEAF.

  • Click here to receive updates and information on the reservation process. This will ensure that you are notified via email when the registration process re-opens. There is a $99 reservation fee deposit, which is refundable by Nissan, in case you decide the LEAF is not for you.
  • If you are not in one the EV Project release zones that are largely around Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga, you can still reserve a LEAF. It just means that you won’t get the free Level 2 recharging equipment (EVSE) that comes with that purchase.

  • Electric cars are no longer just a dream, even here in east Tennessee. Just imagine one in your garage.
  • To learn more about EVs and the charging stations, there is a free Webinar, Thursday, October 28, and you can click here to register for the upcoming November free forums in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville.
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  • Register at this link for updated info on the EV Project

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