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Now that's dedication: Kidman jogs in the obvious freezing cold weather

Nicole Kidman is exhausted from working out hard with her trainer.

Nicole Kidman takes her fitness routine very serious. According to Pop Sugar on Jan. 4, the holiday are over, and Nicole is back to hitting the exercise hard to keep her body look fantastic.

Her family is done celebrating the holidays and her husband, Keith Urban, is back in Los Angeles filming American Idol. So, it makes perfect sense to why Nicole would start her exercise routine again.

She was seen with her personal trainer running in L.A. , complete with a big smile on her face. The star was dressed in black Capri’s with a matching long sleeved shirt, hat and pretty tennis shoes. What she didn't notice, was her nipples were very much poking out of her shirt while she was running.

The personal trainer was not easy on her because she is an award winning actress. She was seen sweating and out of breathe several times. She was seen chatting with her trainer, and running side by side with him.

According to the reports, the actress with her family including daughters Faith and Sunday, spent the holidays’ in Australia to celebrate her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Upon returning, the girls, Faith and Sunday, left the plane wearing matching dresses.

Thanks to being a long distance runner and an organic diet, Nicole Kidman looks flawless for being 46 years-old. Do you think Nicole Kidman looks fit and fabulous for being 46 years -old? When you work out, do you notice if you have a nipple poke through your shirt?

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