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Nip and tuck in the US of A

Do you know how many surgical procedures were performed last year?
Do you know how many surgical procedures were performed last year?

How many plastic surgery procedures would you guess were performed last year in the United States?

It was reported that 350,000 procedures were performed on 30 to 39-year-olds. The procedures are not broken down into types but eyelid surgery is popular with that age group.

There were 313,011 women tho chose to slim saddlebags, tummy pooches and other area with liposuction.

There were 330,631 procedures for breast augmentations. This is the most commonly requested procedure and has been since 2006. Approximately 128,000 women had sagging breasts surgically corrected and nearly 113,000 women had breast reductions.

Forty-six percent of patients had more than one procedure at the same time. There was a whopping 813 percent increase in the popularity of upper-arm lifts which eliminates excess skin since 1997. This area is a tough one because no matter how much you exercise, it is difficult to tone this area. A new technique hides the incision in the armpit which means that no one has to know why you suddenly have great looking arms that no longer "wave goodbye,"

If you are considering a surgical procedure, do your homework and find out if the doctor is a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon. Is the surgeon certified? Does the surgeon have hospital privileges? How many times has the surgeon performed the procedure you want? If they have their own surgical suite, is it certified by the American Association for Accredition of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (

Remember a low fee does not mean it's the best deal. Check credentials. You do not want to trust your life to someone who is not totally certified and competent to perform your surgery.

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