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Nintendo waited five days to announce PokeBank release via email

Nintendo waited five days to announce the release of the PokeBank and PokeTransporter apps to its Nintendo Club subscribers, Examiner has confirmed.

Nintendo waited five days to announce the release of the PokeBank.
Photo by Andrew H. Walker

Although the apps were released last Wednesday, Nintendo sent out its first e-mail confirming the release of the services last night at 9:55pm ET.

The delay comes after Nintendo sent just four tweets addressing the apps’ delay since Dec. 26, when the PokeBank and PokeTransporter were originally delayed after clogging up the Nintendo eShop server over the holidays.

The release of the apps has been anything but smooth sailing as well. Since their arrival on the Nintendo eShop gamers have complained about the services, with reports that the apps won’t allow some of their Pokémon from older games such as Back and Black II to be transferred over, while other reports of hacked Pokémon, such as a level one Gengar have been able to cross over.

Have you used the PokeBank and PokeTransfer service yet? Did you know when the apps were released? Are you just finding out now that the apps were released? Sound off in the comments section below.

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