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Nintendo to hold a tournament for 3DS 'Super Smash Bros.' at San Diego Comic-Con

Fans will have a chance to duke it out at this year's Comic-Con
Fans will have a chance to duke it out at this year's Comic-Con
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Nintendo held the first official Super Smash Bros. tournament at this year's E3 and were met with overwhelming support from fans and critics alike. Deciding to continue their winning streak, Nintendo has just announced that another tournament will be taking place at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and this time it will be open to fans.

The second tournament will showcase the upcoming 3DS version, which is expected to launch on October 3rd. Unlike the first tournament, which was invitation only and featured competitive players like Hungrybox and CT ZeRo, anyone will be able to sign up to compete, though space will be limited. Fans will be able to sign up on the day of the tournament and places will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

As for the tournament's basic setup, Nintendo seems to be doing something very similar to their Invitational back in June. Players will compete in groups of four, though the final round will be a one-on-one showdown. Nintendo hasn't made any mention of whether or not items will be turned on for the final round, though they weren't during the Invitational.

The tournament will take place on July 25th in the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at the Marriott Marquis & Marina located at 333 W. Harbor Drive (adjacent to the Convention Center). The preliminary rounds will begin at noon. For those who are unable to attend, Nintendo will be streaming the event on their official Twitch channel. Nintendo will also announce additional activities at a later time.

As for unofficial tournaments, Super Smash Brothers Melee will be featured once again during this year's Evolution Championship Series, and will be streamed live beginning this Friday. Melee also appeared during the recent MLG tournament and continues to show Nintendo that the competitive circuit is still alive and well.