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Nintendo to create white PlayStation 4 according to L.A. Times

Nintendo's white PlayStation 4 debuts
Nintendo's white PlayStation 4 debuts
Photo taken by Sibel Sunar @sibel47 on Twitter

Today June 12, 2014 the Los Angeles Times ran a story titled "Nintendo's white PlayStation 4 debuts" on page B2. Gamers, and those even remotely familiar with the video game industry will recognize that Sony is the company produces PlayStation products, not Nintendo. Sony announced a new white PlayStation 4 this week during E3 2014. Unfortunately this humorous mistake may cost someone their job.

Even funnier than the error are some of the reactions floating around Twitter.

Stephanie Schopp tweets: "Holy. [censored]. Is that The Onion or L.A. Times?"

According to a tweet by Electronic Arts' CEO Peter Moore: "I wonder if Sony is aware of this interesting development???"

Stuart Graham tweets: "Looks like Nintendo has found a way to move systems."

Ravi Hiranand tweets: "It’s OK, we’ve just shifted to an alternate universe where Nintendo never broke up with Sony."

Michael Jordan tweets: "Fineprint "developed by Microsoft""

We suspect that this print will become a highly sought after collector's item down the road, perhaps even fetching a pretty penny on Ebay. Maybe.

Will you be purchasing Nintendo's new white PlayStation 4?

Please let us know in the comment section below.

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