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Nintendo skips traditional E3 press conference

Though Nintendo will not be holding a typical E3 live press conference, they have elected to bring news of their games via Nintendo Direct. The E3's Nintendo Direct will be called the Nintendo Digital Event and it will air at 9am PT on Tuesday, June 10. In addition to this, Nintendo will be hosting a Super Smash Bros Invitational event that brings in sixteen top tier players to go all out on the Super Smash Bros Wii U game. This will be live streamed for everyone across the world. It is amazing how Sakurai never intended the Smash series to be a super competitive game, but a small community of hardcore gamers have turned this fun free-for-all game into a serious competition. After looking back on Brawl, Sakurai and his team have been looking to make a game that is great for both casuals and hardcore. If they've been looking closely at the competitive community, then it would make sense for them to invite Mew2King, Mango, Dr. Peepee, Ken, Armada, and KoreanDJ.