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Nintendo reveals Yoshi-themed 3DS XL

A Yoshi Edition 3DS XL will launch alongside the release of Yoshi's New Island on March 14, Nintendo announced today.

The handheld, which features Yoshi and an egg in the bottom left corner on the front and a string of eggs in the back, will retail at $199.99, the same price as an original 3DS XL.

Yoshi's New Island is the successor to Yoshi's Island DS, which released in 2006. Much like its predecessor, Yoshi will venture through yet another side-scrolling universe with a mounted Baby Mario. The lime-green dino is tasked with uniting the infant hero (that was weird to say) with his brother, Luigi.

We've attached last year's E3 trailer for the game above.

Unfortunately, there is currently no confirmation as to whether or not the game will bundle with the platform; instead, you can purchase the title separate for $39.99.

Yoshi's New Island is slated to release in North America and Europe on March 14, Australia on March 15 and Japan in summer.

Were you hoping to purchase the platform and game in a bundle or are you okay with buying the two separate? Sound off down in the comments.

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