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Nintendo reveals 'Mario Kart 8' Blue Shell Collectors Edition

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Mario Kart is a rare franchise for Nintendo, one that can almost universally get gamers attached to any specific brand or platform excited to play. Nintendo knows this, and knows how important the success of their upcoming Wii U version of the franchises, Mario Kart 8, is for the health of the platform.

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Knowing this, Nintendo has not only started the advertising rounds earlier than most titles, but they have also announced a collectors edition variant of the game; a variant that offers none other than an infamous Blue Shell figurine. Nintendo has not announced any pricing for the item, but has set the pre-order bonus and release date along side the non-collectors edition version on May 30th, 2014.

On top of this, North American versions of the game will also include a red game box, off setting the standard Wii U blue while keeping tradition with past Mario Kart releases in North America since the Game Cube.

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