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Nintendo releases new trailer for 'Yoshi's New Island'

With the release of a new trailer for Yoshi’s New Island, fans of the platforming series got a good look at what to expect when the game releases on March 14. And it may not be what the hoped.

The unique art style of the Yoshi's Island series returns in its newest installment

While the game looks very aesthetically pleasing, it also looks incredibly simple. IGN had a hands on experience with the game, and mentioned that the simplicity was quite prominent in the gameplay.

Something that made the original Super Nintendo Yoshi’s Island so memorable is that it was a challenge, something that made you feel accomplished once you finally beat it. On the other hand you had Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo 64, a game that was as easy as it was short.

Unfortunately this game seems to be taking after Yoshi’s Story rather than the original Yoshi’s Island. Most of the video seemed to show Yoshi tossing eggs with no real risk of taking any damage, while the minute and a half clip shows little, if any, actual platforming.

One thing to note about the gameplay from the trailer is what appears to be the inclusion of a tilting function on certain levels. The helicopter section seems to have a direct correlation between the positioning of the screen and the movements of Yoshi.

Vehicles seem to take a prominent role is there is also a section seeing Yoshi take the form of a mine cart. The aforementioned IGN review seemed to hint that this would also be controlled by tilting your 3DS.

If fans are looking for a real challenge to the original Yoshi’s Island, it seems as if they will have to check out the Nintendo DS version, Yoshi’s Island DS. For those that have not played it, it is similar to the first and just as tedious at times.

Unless we see something different from Yoshi’s New Island, it is looking like this is closer to a Yoshi’s Story sequel than it is to the Super Nintendo classic.

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