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Nintendo on my couch

One thing you don’t see very often anymore is a good local multiplayer. So many games are developed to play with people online, that it almost seems like they’ve forgotten about the friends you see in everyday life that you want to invite over for a beer and totally own with a red shell. Now everyone knows that Nintendo is always getting picked on for their lack of online content, of which they have been making an effort to remedy that situation. No one here is saying that that kind of gameplay isn’t good, there are benefits to both styles of multiplayer. For instance if you don’t have friends nearby you can almost always find someone online willing to play with you. The con of that however is that more often than not it is a bratty teenager with a headset. Although with new parameters being set up for online multiplayer people are put into groups based on their experience level and also a rating set up by people you’ve played with in the past.

But sometimes you really just want to play with people sitting next to you. No one does it better, or has a better selection for it than Nintendo. They create a place for some good old smack talking and sometimes not so clean fun. Obviously the people who say monopoly tests friendships has not played Mario party. It always makes a night more memorable when your friends are there next to you, and hey, it may put some friendships on the rocks, but it also can make them stronger too. If you have a Wii or even a Wii U (it’s completely backwards compatible) and you’re looking for some fun games to play with your pals one night there is a mighty plethora of games to choose from. Like any Mario Party is a board game type layout game, Super Smash for fighting, Mario Kart for Racing, any multiplayer Mario game or even one of the Rayman side scrollers for just some nice level crawling madness. Really whatever type of game you want to own one of your friends in Nintendo has got you covered for one hell of a night.

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