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Nintendo intends to localize more games for the 3DS

Satoru Iwata confirms that fans can expect more games to be localized.
Satoru Iwata confirms that fans can expect more games to be localized.

Satisfaction with the Nintendo 3DS system across the world has led to President Satoru Iwata announcing that more Japanese games will be localized in the west in upcoming years.

With the previous announcement of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate receiving a worldwide release as well as the success of Bravely Default in Europe and Australia, it is no shock that Iwata is finally confirming that more games will be localized.

"We sometimes distribute, or even publish depending on the circumstances, games that were made by Japanese software publishers in the overseas markets, and you can expect to see more examples of this [within] this year and the next.”

Now obviously Nintendo publishes most of their own games worldwide. These quotes are referring more so to third-party game makers. Though Nintendo has struggled to gain third-party support as of late, Iwata mentions that 3DS sales have helped the company get a bit more love from third-parties.

"The fact that Nintendo 3DS has now sold over 10 million units in both the U.S. and Europe seems to be news for third-party publishers, and we have recently been receiving more proposals from third-party publishers."

In the past fans have been left near devastated by some of the decisions Nintendo has made when it comes to not localizing games (specifically Mother 3.) This news hopefully will alleviate any future pain, and Nintendo fans worldwide will get to share similar action.