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Nintendo DSi XL a smash hit at stores across Montreal



  • gregory 6 years ago

    There is no such thing as a DSi Lite. The DSi XL's standard stylus(the one that fits in the slot)is not the same length as a DS Lite stylus or the DSi stylus it is longer than both. You cannot download music directly to the DSi XL to get music on it you must first put an SD card into your computer then copy ACC format music from your computer to the SD card and then put the SD card into your DSi XL or DSi. There are 158 DSi and DSi XL exclusive DSiWare titles and there are 1,064 games that are compatible with all versions of the DS that come on Game Cards. The only way to use homebrew apps and games is using some sort of flash cart such as the R4i, Acekard2i, IPlayer, and many others.
    Get your facts right.

  • KM 6 years ago

    It is known as DS Lite and DSi in various markets and are all in the same line of Nintendo portable gaming consoles. The standard stylus is inserted within the DSi XL. The larger stylus is not. You can download music, as you can also browse and chat on the internet and do many other online activities. The number of DSi Ware titles is approximate and pretty accurate. Homebrew software can be used on the DXi XL, as I wrote, including DX Linux.

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