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Nintendo DSi XL a smash hit at stores across Montreal


In all the gaming retailers and consumer electronics department stores across Montreal, you can see it.

It's here, and it's BIG!!

The Nintendo DSi XL has definitely taken its place in consumer electronics and gaming stores across Montreal. Boasting a larger body than any other DSi with two standard DSi screens, each one being a full 93% larger than the DS Lite at 4.2", this new DSi offers a full-sized stylus that feels like an actual pen in your hands, as well as a standard-sized DS Lite stylus.

With it's two built-in cameras, a gamut of impressive and fun photo filters and easy-to-use photo storage and filing software, it can fill your pic-taking needs comparable to any phone camera and many dedicated cameras.

It also has audio capability to record and playback your audio clips and messages, and play and download audio tracks, including music tracks. You can even alter the speed and pitch of all audio, including music tracks, each independently, and apply audio effects filters to those tracks for your listening needs or for just plain fun.

Gaming is a clear big draw with the DSi series and the Nintendo DSi XL does it quite possibly better than any portable gaming device on the market today, with little argument. There are currently over 150 Nintendo DSi game titles and other application titles, and about 1000 almost exclusively compatible Nintendo DS titles available. This includes the popular and free Flipnote Studio notation, sketching and animation software.

Memory needs are helped immeasurably with the inclusion of the DSi SD/SDHC card slot.

With DSi Shop, you can download games and apps, including the free WiFi browser Nintendo developed with Opera, The NIntendo DSi Browser.

All online connecting, including for wireless and online gaming, is through the popular Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

The Nintendo DSi XL also allows the use of DSi homebrew software, such as the popular DS Linux.

The Nintendo DSi XL retails with 3 popular pre-installed titles, 2 Brain Age titles and Photo Clockthe popular PictoChat chat program, and other goodies at stores across Montreal. Available in Burgundy and Bronze.

( Photo courtesy of Nintendo )


  • gregory 5 years ago

    There is no such thing as a DSi Lite. The DSi XL's standard stylus(the one that fits in the slot)is not the same length as a DS Lite stylus or the DSi stylus it is longer than both. You cannot download music directly to the DSi XL to get music on it you must first put an SD card into your computer then copy ACC format music from your computer to the SD card and then put the SD card into your DSi XL or DSi. There are 158 DSi and DSi XL exclusive DSiWare titles and there are 1,064 games that are compatible with all versions of the DS that come on Game Cards. The only way to use homebrew apps and games is using some sort of flash cart such as the R4i, Acekard2i, IPlayer, and many others.
    Get your facts right.

  • KM 5 years ago

    It is known as DS Lite and DSi in various markets and are all in the same line of Nintendo portable gaming consoles. The standard stylus is inserted within the DSi XL. The larger stylus is not. You can download music, as you can also browse and chat on the internet and do many other online activities. The number of DSi Ware titles is approximate and pretty accurate. Homebrew software can be used on the DXi XL, as I wrote, including DX Linux.

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