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Nintendo Direct reveals playable Little Mac for Smash Bros.

Many fan favorite Nintendo characters have been relegated to the role of Assist Trophies or other such cameos in the Super Smash Bros. series, and while their mere appearance is more welcome than the alternative it tends to leave the more ravenous fans of said characters with a bad taste in their mouths, almost as though they're being consciously subjugated in favor of their better-known peers. During today's Nintendo Direct, we saw that one such character is getting a promotion to playable status in the upcoming Smash Bros. titles: Little Mac.

No longer trophy fodder, the Punch Out protagonist's reveal video is half gameplay, half slick and stylish motion comic that, if it's not intentionally paying service to Street Fighter 4's graffiti art motif, incidentally comes extremely close. What we see of Mac in-game is mostly the punching and weaving you'd expect from a boxer, but we also have a look at a unique mechanic of his in a power meter building up to a knock-out punch like those used throughout the Punch Out series. It seems Namco Bandai's taking the ball and running with it in their handling of the game, and it can only be assumed we'll have another surprise or two like this before we're finally graced with a release date.

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