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Nintendo amiibo pre-orders spotted - let the collecting begin

Nintendo's amiibo figures
Nintendo's amiibo figures

Nintendo first announced the amiibo figures at E3 this year and revealed that they will be available to use for multiple games. The amiibo is a character figure that allows the character to be playable in the desired game, when placed on the Wii U GamePad. Utilizing the already built-in NFC in the GamePad, consumers will not have to purchase additional peripherals to use the amiibo figures.

With Super Smash Bros. releasing this holiday season, the amiibo figures can be expected to be released around the same time frame. While the game is already up for pre-order, the figures were not, until now. Spotted by NeoGaf user Exile20, the amiibo figures are now up for pre-order at ShopTo.Net.

The site has them listed for £12.85, with translates to about $21.83, here in the states. This may not be what they will be priced at here in the United States. Some speculate that we can expect to pay about $15.99, which is equivalent to a high-end priced Skylander figure or $13.99 for Disney Infinity figures. Although, since amiibos will be playable for several games, including the previously-released title, Mario Kart 8, they could very well be priced at $20 a figure.

There were no "box sets" of figures seen, or even special variants of the figures on the site. However, there is no reason to believe that we will not see them. This is a golden opportunity for Nintendo to release several store-exclusive amiibos.

In seeing them displayed at E3, they do look absolutely gorgeous. Being Nintendo, there was attention to detail when making these and collecting them all will be a must for fans.

Which will you be pre-ordering, once they are available to do so in the states? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Source: NeoGaf: Believe!

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