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Nintendo 3DS tops 15 million units sold in Japan

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Popular Japanese gaming website Famitsu announced today that the Nintendo 3DS has reached the 15 million mark, coming in the wake of recent news that Nintendo has cut their sales expectations for both the 3DS and Wii U.

While the system got off to a rough start during its 2011 release, it has picked up following a sales cut and the release of the 3DS XL. It also gained a major bump from the release of popular titles such as Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

It's no secret that Nintendo has struggled mightily during the eight generation, but this is definitely positive news for the video game giant. Though they did face an economical loss this year, the 3DS is certainly helping to keep the company afloat.

These totals do not take into account the sales of the 2DS. The 3DS system has sold almost 43 million units worldwide.