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Nintendo 2DS gets temporary price-cut at Target

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From now until May 17 Target will offer the Nintendo 2DS for just $99, a drop from the usual $129 price of the console.

The console is available in two colors: Crimson Red and Electric Blue. Neither console is currently in stock on the Target website but both are available for an in-store purchase.

Originally released in October of 2013, the 2DS is a cheaper alternative to the popular Nintendo 3DS system. It plays all 3DS games, except it does not use the 3D feature. It also does not use the foldable, clamshell feature that most Nintendo handhelds have used since the release of the Gameboy Advance SP.

While a nice feature, most 3DS games don't benefit much from using 3D. This makes the 2DS not only a less costly substitute, but a more than capable system for playing some of the best games Nintendo has released in years.

Trying to figure out which games to buy for your 2DS or 3DS? Check out my Top 5 Nintendo 3DS games of 2013 list. If you pickup a 2DS from Target it certainly wouldn't be a bad idea to add one of these games to your purchase.