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'Ninjas Against Animal Cruelty' deals with emotionally charged rescue case

Lennox, a two-year-old Pit Bull, is in desperate need of a new home. Currently in a temporary foster home, the dog will need placement quickly as the foster care situation is not ideal and he cannot remain there for long.

Lennox mugs for the camera
Lennox, a two-year-old Pit Bull, was pulled from a life-threatening situation by a local rescue group
C. Anderson

The story began to unfold when Lennox's owner, faced with the need to move, had to make a heart wrenching choice: deciding which of her two dogs to keep. Lennox's plight soon resulted in the involvement of a local rescue group after the dog ended up in a serious situation in which his life was at immediate risk. His new owner was not capable of caring for him.

Due to the person's extreme anxiety, Lennox was chained in the kitchen of the man's apartment and his would-be benefactor made multiple calls to the Watertown Police Department and Jefferson County Animal Control. Both reportedly said they were unable to assist because the dog already had an owner. Due to its well-known reputation as helpful animal rescuers in the community, the Ninja group was reportedly notified of the situation by Watertown Police. Two of the co-founders responded immediately to assist the would-be dog owner and averting a potentially tragic situation.

When NAAC learned the dog's life was potentially threatened due to the situation, the group immediately sprang into action, removing the dog from the apartment, locating a temporary placement and evaluating the dog's temperament for themselves.

Lennox began his life as a rescue dog and for two years he was raised in a family with children and another Pit Bull. He is described as a large dog with an even larger heart, and prior to this trauma he was a loving family dog. Circumstances cannot always he controlled and the tragic turn of events is certainly not this animal's fault. Due to being further traumatized Lennox will require a loving and patient home to help him recover and to work on appropriate training.

The Ninjas Against Animal Cruelty of Jefferson County is a local rescue group comprised of three compassionate and highly energetic individuals. A grass roots rescue in the truest sense, the Ninjas began their work officially last spring. They have since extended their influence and outreach by leaps and bounds and are now well known in the community.

They have since been able to re-home numerous animals and are currently fostering even more. This is all accomplished out of the homes of these motivated individuals. Their helpers consist of the community at large. In a wide outpouring of support and camaraderie the animal advocates of the North Country continue to come forward with donations of funds and supplies. The occasional fundraiser helps supplement the Ninja's efforts and the group continues to seek ways to expand their services.

No one ever said NAAC does things the traditional way. In this respect that may sometimes be a good thing because they can go, so to speak, where angels fear to tread and traditional non-profits are unable to. Their latest rescue case is both emotionally charged and difficult to resolve. Yet, they hang in there. For the love of those who have no voice of their own.

For further details on this case and for more information about the Ninjas Against Animal Cruelty, please visit their website. Interested people are invited to message the group with questions and concerns. The group would like the community to be aware of the existence of their rescue and wish to be notified with any concerns about the welfare of the local animal population. The group also stresses that it seeks to work with similar-minded people and agencies in this community.

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