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Nine year old dog survives crocodile attack in Key Largo canal

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UPDATE: Tyson is currently on antibiotics and is garnering as much sympathy as possible.

"Tyson is fine. On antibiotics as a precaution. He won’t turn his back to the water when we are outside and any sound (fish jumping) alerts him. FWC said I was lucky Tyson is a big dog and that the croc was small. Had either factor been different, I’d have a dead dog," stated Emilie.

Tyson is a lucky rescued pooch from the Peggy Adams Rescue League in West Palm Beach.

Tyson, a nine-year-old 65-pound pit bull, survived a hungry crocodile attack on Tuesday in a Key Largo, Fla. canal while taking a swim reported the Miami Herald.

The lucky pooch managed to escape with only minor injuries, but his owner, Emilie Stewart had her momentary doubts:

"I see a croc tail going up, turning the water and Tyson going under," Stewart stated.

Tyson turned around and bit the reptile, and Stewart distracted the five-and-a-half-foot crocodile by snapping a towel at it as the dog swam to the boat ramp to escape.

Crocodiles are a protected species, and Florida Fish and Wildlife were called. After a struggle with the angry, hissing 40 pound juvenile reptile, authorities were able to capture him. The feisty creature will be relocated to another area in the Keys, although it is not unusual for the crocodiles to return to the areas where they were born.

Tyson will no longer be allowed to swim in the North Blackwater Lane canal of the Starlight Point community, but aside from a few puncture wounds, the dog is expected to make a full recovery.

Surely Tyson will think twice before his next swim in a canal. No one is sure who had the worst day - the croc or the dog?

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