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Nine-year-old child charged with animal cruelty for strangling chihuahua

Six-year-old Brianna cried as she held her four-pound chihuahua Cookie on the way to the vet.
Six-year-old Brianna cried as she held her four-pound chihuahua Cookie on the way to the vet.
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A devastated family with their six-year-old little girl in Storm Lake, Iowa had to say goodbye to their beloved dog this week after their four pound chihuahua died as a result of a hanging injury alleged to have been inflicted by a nine-year-old Storm Lake little boy reported the

That child has been charged with an aggravated misdemeanor of animal cruelty, and his case will be handled by the Juvenile Court Authority.

On Saturday evening, the chihuahua, named Cookie, was unusually quiet in the backyard at the Ledesma family home. When the dog's owner, Shannon Rosales went outside, she found her dog just lying in the grass unable to move.

"We discovered she had a broken neck. And it was due to her being swung around on her leash and thrown into the ground, we believe," Shannon stated.

Surgery would not have been able to correct the luxation and Cookie would never walk again. The family decided to have their dog humanely euthanized. Shannon's six-year-old daughter, Brianna just cried;

"I loved her so much. I was crying," the little girl told

The family, although completely broken-hearted just want the little boy who allegedly swung four-pound Cookie by her leash and collar and threw her to the ground to get the psychological help he needs.

"We're going to see them; they're going to see us. But they're not going to be allowed back in my yard; just because we are going to get more pets and I don't want this to happen again," Shannon said.

Rest in peace Cookie. We hope the child is punished and finds the help he needs before he grows up to do worse evil deeds.

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