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Nine-year-old boy marries 62-year-old woman (VIDEO)

According to Khaama Press on Monday, a nine-year-old-boy married a 62-year-old woman in South Africa where pedophilia doesn't exist. If this seems like old news, the boy originally married the woman in 2013, when he was eight years old and his bride was 61. This marriage was the second time for the couple because the groom's dead ancestors told him to do it a second time to avoid bad things happening to him and his family, according to the boy's mother.

KIRO-TV reports that around 100 guests attended the wedding ceremony of Sanele Masilela and Helen Shabangu. The boy became the world's youngest groom for the second time in his life. The bride is already married to her husband of 30 years, but that didn't matter to the nine year old or to the longtime husband. The bride also is a mother of five adult children ranging in age from 28 to 38. The bride's husband and children attended both weddings and are happy about the marriage. In fact they shelled out big bucks for both weddings.

The couple exchanged rings and had a wedding cake. The bride wore a wedding gown and veil. The bride kissed her 9-year-old husband before turning to kiss her 66-year-old husband. A clergy person performed the nuptials. Watch the video above to see the happy couple.

The boy said about his bride, “I chose Helen because I love her, and although we don’t live together all the time we meet at the dumping site where my mother works regularly.” The bride says about her young husband, “One day Sanele would grow normally and have family of his own and get married one day, all this ceremony is for making ancestors happy.

While some people say this is sickening, the groom's family defended the union saying it was just a ritual and not legally binding. They added that when Sanele will continue his schooling and will one day get married in a real, legal ceremony.

At a time when most nine-year-old boys are ring bearers, this boy was the one standing at the altar in a last year's tuxedo waiting for his bride whose family.

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