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Nine women tested to fill vacancies on 'The View': One said to be front-runner

According to ET Online on Thursday, nine women were tested to fill the new co-hosts vacancies on ABC's "The View." Much speculation is going on about who will get the positions. In fact, the Huffington Post said that the speculation about the new co-hosts has gotten so crazy that the show had to tell the Daily Beast on Friday that it hasn't hired anyone yet.

ABC spokesperson Lauri Hogan confirmed that nine candidates did screen tests with Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell on Thursday, but no hiring decisions have been made.

Since all of the women interviewed have hosting experiences, ET reported that the candidates were required to debate on a wide selection of hot topics with Whoopi and Rosie to see if chemistry existed among them. This exercise was to see who should be eliminated and who would be best for the show. The nine candidates are listed below in alphabetical order.

S.E. Cupp is a conservative political commentator and panelist on CNN's Crossfire. During her screen test, she and Whoopi got into a heated argument about abortion. Both women strongly held their ground, and neither one backed down.

October Gonzalez is the wife of Tony Gonzalez, who played in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Atlanta Falcons.

Jemele Hill is a columnist for She has frequently come under fire over controversial issues.

Sunny Hostin is the contributing legal analyst for CNN and Headline News. It is reported that she is currently the front-runner and has already negotiated with CNN to be able to do both jobs.

Kayleigh McEnany is a conservative commentator who has appeared as a co-host on CNN's "The Point." She was a guest co-host last Monday where she got into a heated debate with the others about gun control.

Ana Navarro is a politicial contributor at CNN and CNN en Espanol. She worked on John McCain's campaign as well as several other Republican candidates' campaigns.

Stephanie Ruhle is an anchor and managing editor for Bloomberg Television. She also co-hosts Market Makers.

Lauren Sanchez is an entertainment journalist and co-host of "Good Day LA." She was in the finals to join "The View" in 1999, but Lisa Ling got that position. TMZ pointed out that Sanchez is the ex-girl friend and mother of Tony Gonzalez's child. Interestingly, Gonzalez's wife, October, was also tested.

Sage Steele is an ESPN anchor who hosts the NBA Countdown on ESPN and ABC. She was also a co-host for SportsCenter.

Nicolle Wallace, who seems to get most of the camera time during Thursday's chemistry test, served as the communications chief during George W. Bush's presidency and was a senior adviser for the McCain-Palin campaign.

The next season of "The View" is set to begin next month, but we have to wait to see which women will sit at the table.

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