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Nine Runways of Hell Inferno fashion show set for July 18 in Dallas

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The weather isn't the only thing heating up in Dallas these days. On July 18, 2014, six emerging fashion designers will set the runway on fire as they transport guests into the nine circles of hell--otherwise known as Dante's Inferno. The high-intensity, entertainment filled evening is set to feature designers from not only DFW, but Austin, Portland and New Orleans as they submerge into an inferno-inspired atmosphere and showcase design inspirations from any of the nine circles of hell spanning from Lust to Gluttons to Rage.

Presented by Austere Magazine, the runway show invites guests to "join the creative madness" as they guarantee to disturbingly tap into all creative and artistic bounds of one's mind by providing guests with special performances by contortionists, actors and of course an overload of twisted fashion.

As told by Austere:

The journey will begin in limbo where the unbaptized dwell while the second circle of hell consists of the lustful. Next is the hell for the gluttons where it constantly rains. The fourth circle consists of those guilty of rage and sloth. Within the fifth, there are the heretics, and next is the violent who are transformed into trees to atone for their sins. The circle for the fraudulent is the seventh where those condemned are the corrupt politicians, fortune tellers, and gypsies. Lastly, the ninth circle is for traitors. Here, the deeper they go, the more the ice consumes their bodies.

As if this description is not enough, the slated designers for the suspenseful tale include Joe van Overbeek, Cheyanne Bartley, Mira Hashem, Dallas' own and Belk featured designer Lucy Dang, Elvira Diaz and Bladi Duran. With such an impressive line-up and styling by Landon Simpson of Conservative Circus, the evening promises to be more than just a delightful spectacle.

Tickets are currently on sale and those with promo code "limbo" will enjoy a $5 discount off of the regular purchase price. For more information, visit the Austere Mag website and be sure to dress cool because this show is sure to be haute!