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Nine Inches Long.

As soon as you read the title of this article, what went through your mind? What were you thinking? Did you think of the band Nine Inch Nails? A nine inch long piece of paper? Or perhaps your mind wandered and came up with nine inch penis? Which was it? It all begins in your brain, the moment your memory recognizes a name, or a title, or an image, your mind immediately associates it to something known. This is exactly how hypnosis works. It uses imagination, visualization or even fantasy, to utilize whatever works for you as a client to improve your abilities and behaviors so you can heal and feel better.

So what have we learned from this title? It was probably a natural curiosity and instant association to your private part, or your partner's private part that encouraged you to continue reading. As human beings, our minds instantly associate the name with something known to us.

In this case, it sure took you right to the sex organ! Let's admit it, a nine inch long penis is considered big, and the average flaccid human penis is between 3.5 and 4 inches. The average erect size is about 6 inches.

If you ask women in general "Do you like it large or small?" what would they say? Well, a straight answer from a majority of women would be that they like it BIG, to which I respond, they are fools and "Size Does Not Matter".

Unfortunately, many break-ups and divorces are the result of poor sex and lack of knowledge, and have nothing to do with size. Most women have the idea that the majority of men simply don't have a large enough penis to REALLY pleasure them.

Have we forgotten the woman who complains, it is too large and too painful?

Woman should not ignore the fact that "Size DOES NOT Matter".

I have clients that come to me really devastated and wanting to enlarge their penises, and yes, with hypnosis it is possible. There are no side affects, no pain, and most clients are able to have their size increase between one inch to two inches long, depending on the individual. So if you already have Nine Inches Long, you shouldn't come for eighteen inches long. Most likely it won't happen.

Back to my point; ask yourself, what would a larger penis do for you? Is it really what you want? Have you considered that your partner may not like it any more? Don't worry either way. I have a solution for you regardless of your size. It is how you use it that counts. Imagine, waking up tomorrow morning with your penis magically 2 inches longer and a half-inch wider.

What would be the first thing you will think about yourself or feel about your penis? Would you be happy or would you be shocked? "WOW! How did it get so big?" or "What am I going to do with it"? Or a big darn smile and a loud... "YES!"

Just make sure no one is around you, because your excitement might be a little embarrassing!

Why doesn't size matter? Because, if you communicate with your partner love and respect each other, you can find so many ways to enhance your sexual pleasure, like sex toys, lubrication, different positions, foreplay, massage, games, etc. Even if you still decide to do the penis enlargement, you must learn the art of pleasuring and creating that magic feeling.

Only then can you head to the bedroom with your new and improved confidence, even with your "unenhanced" penis! With the surge of confidence running through your veins, it'll be a snap to satisfy your partner or the best looking babe! This time you won't be embarrassed thinking, "Oh, what will happen when she sees my 'pinky dinky'?" With hypnosis you can be the man you want to become; confident, because this time YOU CAN feel that you are "the man" with or without penis enlargement! And this is because you have learned the art of pleasuring.

And if this article has struck a cord with you, be sure to contact oury hypnotherapist for a session and let's see what he or she can do with your thought process in order to bring out your best for the ultimate love making, so your partner is fully satisfied.

The point is how to use it, not how large it looks! Obviously, the "hypnotherapy session" won't help you to change your old habits overnight. It will take about 1-2 weeks before you start noticing the effects of the hypnotic secret or if you do a penis enlargement it will take up to 31 days to see any results... (Note: some people will have a late reaction), once you start seeing those changes, I can definitely see you doing the hula dance around your house!

How can hypnosis do all this? The element is in your subconscious mind and the power of suggestion. This is the formula that will stimulate the growth in the tissues surrounding your penis And.. *Walla*! It's bigger by one to two inches! Alternatively, you can just enjoy what you already have!

No matter what you have: a small or a large penis!

No more sighs of dissatisfaction from your woman!

Stronger and longer orgasms for you and your partner!

No more pumps or dangerous surgery!

Results occur in 1 to 2 weeks!

No side effects 100% safe to use!

Gain at least up to 2 inches if you do the penis enlargement with hypnosis!

Here are Tips for you to promote your Penis Enlargement:

Avoid stress, anxiety, negative thinking, and self-defeating messages of what woman may think of you.

These issues can effect the erection and the size.

Watch your eating habits. Extra pounds may contribute to smaller penis size.

To add up to 3 inches to your size, practice belly dancing and do the kegel exercise.

The kegel exercise helps prevent both urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids, and increase the flow of blood to the genitals. Increasing the flow of blood to the penis is a major element in penis enlargement.

Male Kegel exercises also help you control your erection, and some men say they enhance orgasm.

In 1940's Dr. Arnold Kegel suggested penis enlargement by up to 3 inches using this simple exercise.


Some experts' say that over 85% of ED is caused by psychological factors.

In fact, the most common cause of ED is performance anxiety. This can happen when a man has failed to achieve or maintain an erection in the past and becomes anxious when he feels pressured to achieve an erection at a later time.

Being anxious prevents a man from achieving an erection; a cycle of anxiety and failure results.

Low self image from past relationships, as a result of rejection or other verbal abuse, drug and alcohol.

ED can be caused by many other medical conditions as well, such as vascular disease, neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord lesions, because the nerve supply in the penile tissues might not function properly and many other conditions.

Please read the following testimonials:

" I can't thank you enough, your program have truly changed our lives for the better..... I wake up in the morning knowing she's fully satisfied, and that's a great feeling. Thanks again!"- Bob from OC

"WOW, I just wanted to let you know that this hypnotic MP3's did it for me, I've gained 1.5 inches in just 31 days. Damn, this is really cool! Thanks it was lots of fun!" - A.J. from Hermosa Beach

"Hello! Just wanted to thank you for adding so much fun in our sexual play time, I am no longer worried about my husbands' size, he is the best lover... Thanks again!" - Maureen from Corona

Note: I am not a medical doctor or pharmacist and do not claim expert knowledge of medicines or other medical procedures available for penis enlargement. I am only an alternative hypnotherapist who can guide you to discover how hypnosis can make those changes easy by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. Hypnosis is quite effective in making permanent changes in behavior by communicating directly to the subconscious mind.

Let's love, share and live Longer



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