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Nine candidates qualify to be on the ballot in Florida Gubernatorial race

Adrian Wyllie (left) is the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor.
Adrian Wyllie (left) is the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor.
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Yesterday, June 20, 2014 at noon, was the last time candidates could qualify to officially be considered by voters to be Florida's next governor. Nine candidates qualified for Write-In status and nine others will either have their names printed on party primary ballots or the November general election ballot. The general media will have you believe there are only two candidates running in Florida's gubernatorial race, however nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to the mainstream media, we will list those who have qualified to have their names printed on the ballot.

The two Democrats who will face each other in the August 26, 2014 primary are Nan Rich and Charlie Crist. Rick Scott will face Yinka Abosede Adeshina and Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder in the Republican primary. The only other political party candidate is Adrian Wyllie from the Libertarian Party of Florida who does not face a primary challenger.

The remaining three candidates who will have their names printed on the ballot for the November general election are 'no party affiliation' candidates choosing instead to run without a political party. Their names are Joe Allen, Glenn Burkett and Farid Khavari.

Adrian Wyllie

Wyllie is a small business man from the Tampa area and former chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. He is sincerely committed to the freedom of Florida individuals and the businesses they own. He has committed himself, that if elected, he will restore as many rights back to Floridians as he can, that Scott and Crist have taken away over the years.

Nan Rich

Rich is a longtime Democrat and committed to their positions. Her credentials within the LGBT and women's rights are unmatched within the Democratic Party.

Charlie Crist

Crist is a former Republican conservative, former gun-rights advocate and lobbied for and signed into law harsh prison penalties for marijuana use and possession. Today, he has filed to run as a Democrat and is working a slick marketing campaign to convince voters he has flipped nearly all his former issue positions. Crist is also mired in the felon Scott Rothstein Ponzi-scheme scandal.

Yinka Adeshina

Adeshina is perhaps on the left side of the conservative spectrum and has qualified to run in the Republican Party primary in August. There is little on her website concerning policy however she states that she wants all Floridians to receive healthcare by 2017. All Floridians already receive healthcare so she can mark that one as done.

Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder

Cuevas-Neunder is a strong conservative Republican qualified to run in the Republican primary and may be an option for conservatives unhappy with Rick Scott. She is looking to put God back in the public square and perhaps could sway the Latino community her way.

Rick Scott

Scott came into office with the use of his wealth and help from Tea Party supporters. He has been abject failure for the Tea Party crowd and conservatives who were supporting him are looking around for other candidates to glom onto.

Glenn Burkett

Burkett runs a natural health company and has run for governor in the past as a Democrat. He is one of the more principled candidates running for the office and though not a libertarian, he would perhaps be second on our list, after Adrian Wyllie, for whom to vote.

Farid Khavari

Khavari is running without a political party (NPA) and would likely fit in well with the Democratic Party of Florida or the Florida Socialist Workers Party from what we can tell from his campaign website and meeting him once. The successful Iranian has run for Governor of Florida in the past and is an author, designer and small business owner. He also hold a patent on an orthopedic pillow.

Joe Allen

Allen is a candidate from Key West -- or is it Miami? We are not sure where he's from or the sincerity of Allen's run, however he did qualify to be on the ballot. He plans to 'fix Florida' by declaring "a 'State of Emergency'; mobilize the Florida National Guard and assign a soldier to protect each of the remaining kids who are lucky to be alive! Plus, I'll assign some of the 500,000 unemployed workers to check on each kid in their neighborhood for a few minutes at school each day."

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