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Nina's CES 2014 Recap

This year I had the chance to go to CES for cutegeek and the SF examiner. I soon realized this also meant double the emails and double the meetings; with only one of me I tried to hit up as much as I could without cloning myself. As a true San Francisco city girl I was convinced I could walk everywhere including going from Mandalay to the Las Vegas Convention center…I quickly learned these are NOT city blocks. And of course I couldn’t forego my fashion…so yes I stupidly wore 4 inch heels on one of the biggest days of CES, Opening day (but I had to look good for 50 cent and John Legend).

Nina's CES Experience
Samsung, 50 Cent, Elio, Wesc, Mercedes Benz
CES 2014

At CES, Sony announced the PlayStation Now which brings game streaming to consoles. It’s the first ever streaming game service on consoles powered by an advanced cloud-based technology. Users now can play games the same way they stream TV, movies and music. Per Sony’s website; starting with the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4, and expanding to PlayStation®Vita, BRAVIA TV’s and other Sony and non-Sony devices, PlayStation Now will be available on the electronic devices gamers use most. To be the first to receive exclusive information on PlayStation Now click here.

One of the biggest highlight at CES for TV’s was the Samsung 105” U9500 Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV – The World’s First and Largest Curved UHD TV. It was mounted on an aero stand that is very narrow and gives it a feel like it is floating on air. The curve of the TV makes the TV appear larger than it is (with a movie theatre aspect ratio of 21 x 9) and also uses pure color technology which makes the color of the Samsung 105” U9500 Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) more accurate and more like what the director would like you to see.

At CES, Mercedes-Benz (my favorite brand) had the 2014 SL550 Roadster and what a beautiful beast; I could definitely see myself behind the wheel driving down highway 1. The SL550 has a 4.6 liter biturbo V-8 Engine, 429 horsepower and an acceleration of 4.5 seconds from 0-60mph; be still my heart I am in love with this car! The SL550 was built on the iconic roadster body style, lowered for performance and has 18-inch twin 5-spoke alloy wheels18-inch twin 5-spoke alloy wheels 18-inch twin 5-spoke alloy wheels with a panoramic and power retractable hardtop roof. The SL550 has the Mecedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz mbrace2Mercedes-Benz mbrace2mbrace 2 technology which keeps the driver (future me) connected to their smart phones and PCs. The sticker price for a base model is 106,700 MSRP…a lady can dream but I don’t for see this in my future while living in DT San Francisco.

A car that is PERFECT for a San Francisco city dweller like myself is the Elio by Elio Motors which is a 3 cylinder, 3 wheeled commuter vehicle that sits 2 people in tandem. It comes in 7 different vibrant colors however I liked the basic Rocket Silver which was shown on the floor. The Elio is currently only $6,800.00 MSRP which includes AC, power locks, Am/FM stereo, and 3 year warranty. It can go 84mpg on the highway and has an anticipated 5-star crash test rating. I am looking forward to being able to test drive and Elio and maybe own one in the very near future…the Elio is perfect for me!

50 cent made an appearance at CES 2014 because he knew I would be there…well not really, he was there to announce the new Sport line and the Star Wars limited edition headphones of his audio brand SMS (Studio Mastered Sound). The new Sport line will include wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are sweat proof and feature secure-fit wings for active users. Additional headphones in the line will also include sweat-proof on-ear and in-ear wired versions. I am hoping they send me a pair to test out and review, I’ve been dying to try out quality bluetooth earbuds. The Star Wars on-ear headphones will be branded with characters and themes from Lucasfilms' Star Wars series. The designs look cool from the flyer I got, not my cup of tea but cool none-the-less.

Fan’s had the opportunity to meet 50 cent and get an autograph. Now I know at 30 I should not be getting excited about celebrities autographs but its 50 cent and he is HOT…I’m no fool…I just wanted to meet him and see him smile and that I did! The line was long and I soon realized these 4 inch heels were a bad idea but it was worth the 2 hour wait. Thanks 50 cent for being there for your fans even if I was really there just to check you out, oh and your new audioJ.

Another celebrity I got to meet came in form of a Robot. Meet the Robothespian a life sized humanoid robot designed for human interaction in a public environment. It is fully interactive, multilingual, and user-friendly, making it a perfect device with which to communicate and entertain (or so the website says). Here is the deal, it was fun to interact with but if I’m going to spend money on a Robot can it do something useful like clean my condo? I say integrate Roomba into the bottom of the Robothespian’s feet so it can sweep and entertain. All and all it’s a cool idea and apparently being used in movies already but $90,000 I’ll wait till it can do more. Check out my video of the Robothespians click here (pardon my one curse wordJ).

On to more CES booths I then visited the Korus booth who makes premium, portable wireless speaker systems. The speakers are pretty easy to use; just plug the 30-pin, Lightning™, or USB compatible Baton audio transmitter that is compatible with your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® mobile electronic devices, PC, or Mac® computer into the Korus speaker and play music, videos or games from your device. It was fairly easy for me to use with no instructions, in this day and age who has time to read instructions anyhow I need something with ease of use. You can check out Korus and purchase them in the Magnolia section of Best Buy.

Headphones were all the rage this year from Bluetooth to DJ to Street but my favorite pair I tried on and one of the booths I enjoyed checking out the is a brand called Wesc. They aren’t expensive like beats or SMS but their designs are chic for their price point (under $100). I break about every pair of headphones I have had including beats! It’s easier for me to have 10 different pairs (in different styles and colors) of inexpensive ones I can put in the battle zone called my purse and not worry if they break. My favorite pair from Wesc) is the Headphones/ On Ear/ Banjar golden Street headphones. I tried on the white with the gold plate and they looked very stylish on and fit was comfortable. They are not out yet but the price point for the Banjar Golden Street Headphones is $80.00.

My CES experience ended with an amazing intimate concert with John Legend at the Vanity Nightclub sponsored by Sound United. At first I was confused John Legend was at CES (he also sang at the Yahoo Keynote?) and in such an intimate setting since I didn’t see him promoting head phones like the rest of the music industry. He played a 45 minute set with oldies but goodies like “Ordinary People” and “Tonight” (Best you ever had) along with my personal favorite “All of Me.” It was the perfect end to a long 4 days for me. As an added bonus we got some new Polk in ear headphones to take home and test out (review to come). Thank you John Legend for performing for us geeks at CES 2014!

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