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Nina Dobrev credits yoga workouts and organic diet for hot bikini body

Nina Dobrev's vegan diet and yoga workout secrets
Nina Dobrev Instagram

Actress Nina Dobrev displayed her incredible flexibility on Instagram during an outdoor yoga workout. "Absolutely the best way to get the day started: #yoga," Dobrev wrote in the photo caption. "Healthy mind, healthy life."

Nina is in phenomenal shape thanks to her longtime dedication to yoga and a clean diet. Dobrev, 25, is so enthusiastic about yoga that she has considered becoming a yoga teacher and opening her own yoga studio someday.

Ex-Vegetarian Nina: 'Yoga Changed My Life'

"I want to open my own yoga studio," the Vampire Diaries star told Cosmopolitan. "Yoga changed my life. Hopefully it will do that for others."

Dobrev, who credits the practice for keeping her body toned and her mind centered, does yoga three or four days a week and follows a healthy, balanced diet to maintain her stunning 5-foot-6 physique. Dobrev also surfs, rock climbs, and runs.

Nina said she tried a vegetarian diet for four months in 2010, but lapsed after finding the meat-free diet left her weak and tired. Dobrev said she doesn't believe in dieting for weight loss, preferring to stay fit by leading an active lifestyle and eating whole, natural foods.

Nina said working out with fitness-minded friends like former "Dancing With the Stars" pro Julianne Hough helps her stay on track. "It's been cool to find an active buddy," said Nina. "There are lots of girlie girls around."

While her exotic good looks launched her career, Dobrev, a former competitive gymnast, said beauty isn't just about appearance, but also about being confident and happy with oneself.

"People who are confident, happy, enthusiastic, vivacious and vibrant are the ones other people are generally attracted to," she said. "You’re not drawn to the person in the corner of the room counting calories with her shoulders slumped over."

Celebrities Embrace Yoga For Physical and Mental Health

Dobrev joins a long list of celebrity yoga devotees, including Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and actress Jennifer Aniston, who has done yoga for for the past 20 years with her friend and yoga teacher, Mandy Ingber.

Mandy recently told me she and Jennifer combine cardio and toning exercises into their workouts. "We incorporate cardio and toners into the yoga sessions, much like I do in my Yogalosophy DVD," said Ingber. "We meet up about three times a week, and our sessions are 60 to 90 minutes."

Aniston, who lost 30 pound before hitting it big on "Friends," has credited their yoga workouts for her age-defying physique at 45 and her happy outlook on life.

"Yoga kind of helps you prepare for everything," said Jennifer. "Honestly, it's like meditation. It just allows anything that is coming at you throughout the day to be kind of doable."

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