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Nikon reportedly working on 14.5x zoom for 1 Series cameras

When Nikon announced its 1 Series cameras with their 2.7x crop CX format chip, the billing was for high image quality and portability. Problem: to date, Nikon has yet to offer an all in one lens for its pint-sized line of interchangeable lens cameras.

However, that may soon change.

If the Japanese tech blog Egami is to be believed, Nikon has filed a patent for a 14.5x zoom lens that would be just about the right size to cover the CX format sensor found in the Nikon 1 Series. AS for specifications, the lens would feature a focal range of 10-145mm (27-391mm of 35mm/full format). As for aperture, it would be f4-5.6, which is pretty doggone good as such lenses on APS-C typically narrow to f6.3 on the long end.

However, the rumor is only that: a rumor, and one that is not even for a patented product yet.

Still, with the all-in-one zoom lens being a very popular market segment, especially among beginning photographers (the exact demographic the Nikon 1 Series targets), the fact that such a lens, or one very similar, will show up in stores at some point in the future seems very likely indeed.

Stay tuned on this one!

For more info:
Egami (translation required)

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