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Nikon replacing faulty D600s with D610s?

The D600.
The D600.

How would you feel if you sent your camera in for a repair only to receive a next generation model on your doorstep instead of your repaired camera? Well, emotions aside, this is exactly what many Nikon shooters are reporting according to According to the website, Nikon is taking a novel approach to incoming repairs: don't fix, replace.

So, is this true?

According to Nikonrumors, many reports have come in, especially from Europe, of Nikon replacing faulty D600s with D610s. When the Nikon D610 was announced last October, it came as a surprise to many. Why” The D600 was announced only about a year after the D600 and its only real improvements came in the form of a quiet mode and a 1 extra fps speed in continuous drive. Other than that, the D600 and D610 are essentially the same.

With the D600, there was a common fault: dust and oil spots from the action of the shutter ending up on the sensor, making for dark spotted, and thus ugly, pictures. The D610? So far, so good, no oil spots on the sensor.

The implication: rather than fix a fault-prone camera, Nikon is simply replacing them.

A computer screen shot of a Nikon shooter from the United States checking a service update status on the Internet seems to confirm this suspicion. The picture (with sensitive data blacked out), again posted by Nikonrumors, suggests that someone sent a D600 in for a dirty sensor only to get a D610 in return.

In the past, Nikon has simply replaced the shutter mechanisms in the D600 with the dirt-free unit of the D610.

What do you think? Is it okay for a company to replace the product you bought with another or would you want your camera back? Well, right now, things are just rumors but, if you plan on sending in your D600 for service, it will be worth keeping an eye on the repair status, which may just turn into a product replacement, instead.

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