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Nikon announces V3 mirrorless camera with price, availability

The V3.
The V3.

Nikon has just announced a new 1 Series camera, the V3, which serves as an update to the year and a half old V2, introduced in October, 2012. As was the case with the V1/V2 transition, the V2/V3 evolution also brings some major changes to the camera.

So, what of the new camera?

For starters, the V3 gains a new chip: a 18Mp CMOS 1” sensor. Additionally, the V3 gets the new Expeed 4A processor, which has some very good benefits to the tune to shoot at up to 20fps with continuous AF or 60fps video at full 1080p HD. Now with a lot more processing power than before, Nikon also equipped the V3 with a 171-point, on-chip phase detect AF system, which covers almost the entire frame. Lie the V2 before it, the V3 features full manual control capability.

In-hand, the V3 has a twin mode dial, which serves to eliminate the need for a lot of menu diving on the LCD screen. Here, simply turn a dial and you're good to go. To make for easier picture taking, the V3 comes equipped with a 3-inch, tilting, touch-capable LCD screen. Thankfully, unlike other companies, Nikon has not done away with the actual buttons on the camera. As an added bonus, there is an optional vertical grip for the camera, which features an extra shutter button, control dial, and custom function button.

One major change that a lot of people may not like is the fact that the V3 loses the V2's chambered electronic viewfinder. Now, while not an ideal situation for many, there is good news is that Nikon has introduced an add-on viewfinder with the astounding resolution of 2.4M dots.

Want one yet?

The camera will hit stores in America this April for a price of $1200. While a lot, the news is good as the kit includes the camera, a 10-30mm lens, the battery grip, and electronic viewfinder.

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