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Nikkor's 50mm lens: A great buy

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When shopping around for camera lenses, it can become quite a headache searching through all the jargon listed on websites to really determine the "best" lens. When starting out, most people experiment with the stock lenses. These suffice for the beginning, but as a true photography hobbyist emerges, one finds that the stock lenses just do not make the grade. The next progression for most people leads to a macro lens.

Portraits and getting up close and personal with nature requires a lens that can get great depth of field, crystal clear clarity and contrast, and quick reactions to light and focusing. So what's the main problem? Decent lenses can cost an arm and a leg! Nikkor though has come out with a solution that meets the customer's needs and budgets. The Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D sells for about $124 on Adorama. It auto focuses on most new models of Nikons, but it still mounts to and works with earlier models. Though earlier models require the manual focus of the lens, the images are still crisp, with beautiful attention to detail captured. The lens is incredibly lightweight and small, so it makes it easy to carry around. Versatile in a variety of lighting situations as well as uses, such as potraiture, landscapes, night photography, and sporting events, this lens is truly a great, inexpensive, and useful tool to add to anyone's list of lenses on hand.

Go to Adorama online and review this lens.  Though there are new upgrades to the lens, the cost increase isn't worth it for your first purchase of this type of lens.  The reviews are extremely helpful, as the customers are of varying levels in photography with different needs.

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