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Nikki Burgess update: Reward offered for her whereabouts

Six weeks after her disappearance, Nikki's boyfriend hopes a reward will bring her home.
Photo courtesy of Find Nikki Burgess Facebook page

Over 6 weeks have passed since 37-year-old Nikki Burgess disappeared from her Nashville, Tenn. home. Though her body hasn't been found, it is believed she is deceased, based largely on blood evidence found in her home, as well as the detection of human decomposition both in her home and in the trunk of the car belonging to a person of interest in the case, Caleb Cannon, the father of Nikki's 10-year-old son.

On Sunday, Jay Henry offered up a $1000 reward to anyone who knows where his girlfriend is. He says he's not interested in knowing the names of those involved or getting anyone in trouble, he just wants to be able to properly lay her to rest. He even posted to the Find Nikki Burgess Facebook page: “Bottom line is if you have the information then I have the cash.”

No charges have been filed, nor has anyone been arrested in connection to Nikki's disappearance. Many items were removed from her home by police, as well as from Cannon's home, but so far, they have not found enough to lead to the arrest of Cannon.

There are also multiple reports of Cannon being at Nikki's house around the time of her disappearance. Her last text message was to a friend on May 23, saying she was arguing with her ex. A friend of the son reported seeing Cannon place 2 black nylon bags in the trunk of his car, while standing in Burgess' driveway, but it is not completely clear which day that happened. However, on May 25, her neighbor, Jamie McCavanaugh, is sure that he saw Cannon and another person carrying something out the back door of Nikki's house. Even the young son told a friend that he's pretty sure his dad killed his mom.

Did Caleb Cannon kill Nikki Burgess and hide her body? If so, why has he not been arrested yet? All signs seem to point that direction, surely others are aware of that. Perhaps the offer of the reward will bring out someone who has some answers.

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