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Nikki Burgess: Still missing after two weeks

Nikki Burgess is still missing, two weeks after anyone last heard from her.
Photo courtesy of Find Nikki Burgess Facebook page

Nikki Burgess has officially been a missing person for two weeks, having been reported so on May 25. The 36-year-old mother and pin-up model was last heard from on May 23, around 2 pm, when she told her boyfriend she would soon be leaving her Nashville home, headed in his direction.

The father of Nikki's 10-year-old son, Caleb Cannon, has been named a person of interest in her disappearance. A search warrant was executed on his house, where they took many items, including an axe, knives, a gun and ammo, as well as a variety of cords and strings, as they believe it is possible she may have been strangled. Additionally, Cannon was seen taking two nylon cases out of her home, one of which was recovered from his house. Cadaver dogs hit in two locations, one in Nikki's home, the other, the trunk of Cannon's car.

And if that evidence isn't damning enough, even the couple's child seems pretty confident his of his father's guilt. Nashville Metro police detectives say the boy told a friend that her "might not be seeing his mom anymore because she is probably dead," and that he was "pretty sure his dad killed his mom." He is in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Corrections, for the time being.

All evidence revealed in this case seems to point to Nikki Burgess no longer being alive. Was she murdered by her ex? If so, where can she be found?

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