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Nikki Alexandra Benedict: Poway, Calif., 1967 murder case still unsolved

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Facebook: Nikki Benedict Memories Page

NBC San Diego is reporting today that a vigil was held Thursday for a 14-year old Poway girl who was murdered over 45 years ago in California. Friends and family members are hoping to drum up some renewed interest in the cold case.

Case Summary

Nikki Benedict was a 14-year-old girl from Poway, Calif., who was murdered on the way home from a friend's house in 1967. The case remains unsolved. There were no suspects and no weapons found. San Diego County police also state that the young girl was not sexually assaulted. The case has been cold for 47 years, though police continue to work on the case.

There is also a Facebook page dedicated to her memory.

Brief Timeline of Nikki Benedict's Murder


Monday, May 1

Late Afternoon
Nikki Alexandra Benedict is hanging out with her friend. The two are talking when they see a strange man looking at them. The surviving teen takes note of the man's face and the make of the vehicle.

6:00 p.m.

Nikki Benedict leaves her friend's home located on Halper Road and heads to her home on Olive Tree Lane.

Nikki Benedict is attacked with a knife and left for dead in the 12700 block of Poway Road.

6:30 p.m.

An 11-year -old boy walks through the location on Poway Road and finds the body of Nikki Benedict. He reports the finding to his father and police are called to the scene.

When police arrive they find the body of Nikki Benedict on the dirt road with stab wounds to the neck and chest. The young girl is transported to the local hospital, where she is pronounced dead.

Nikki Benedict's mother walks outside to look for her daughter. It is already dark.

She calls Nikki's friend Kathy to find out if her daughter is still there. Kathy informs her that Nikki left at 6:00 p.m.

Kathy also states that she was not able to walk with her to the local Speedy Mart because it was dinner time, according to Nikki Benedict's mother in an interview with CBS News 8.

Police scour the neighborhood to find out if anyone noticed a strange person in the neighborhood. The police investigation goes cold for the next 45 years.


Today's update in the case of Nikki Benedict

The case remains unsolved.

A vigil is held in Poway, Calif., for Nikki Benedict.

Police are still asking for the public's help in solving the case.

If anyone has information on the case, please contact the San Diego County Sheriff's Department at:

Crime Stoppers - 888-580-8477

If anyone would like to provide us with facts to lengthen the time line please send me an email above.

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