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Nike Running visits Runner's High store on 2nd Street

Runners gather in the store after the out and back run to check out many different products offered.
Runners gather in the store after the out and back run to check out many different products offered.

Lunar Glide running shoes by Nike lined up for runners to try after getting a gait analysis from Nike representatives at Runner's High in Long Beach

Team Runner's High, of specialized running store Runner's High, located on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore, had some representatives of Nike present at their weekly Thursday run. Nike Running had a treadmill set out in front of the store to do a gait analysis and also allowed many of the runners there to test out different Nike shoes on the out and back run that took place. There were other Nike products that were out for the runners to test including the Nike Plus sport band system.

After the run, all the runners gathered in the store and checked out the different Nike shoes and products that Runner's High offers. Also, all those who participated in the run were entered in the raffle for a new free pair of Nike shoes. The night was also full of questions for the Nike reps and chatter about upcoming races, including Surf City on February 7th and the LA Marathon on March 21st.

Los Alamitos resident and new runner, Jodi Oliver, had this to say about the Nike Running Team's visit to Runner's High; "It was great to have my running gait analyzed by Scott from Nike and get shoe recommendations from the reps.  I use the Nike Plus system and was able to discuss it with James and offer some suggestions.  It was really cool that they came out to Runner's High.  I only wish they had brought along some fun freebies!"

Though there weren't any great sale items or free goods, the Nike reps were very knowledgeable and helpful to everyone there. Make sure to check out Runner's High on Second Street in Belmont Shore for all your specialized running needs. Also check out their event section to see if any other great running companies will be making an appearance on an upcoming Thursday night.

For more info: Contact Runner's High on 2nd Street by visiting their website, or calling them at 562-433-7825.


  • Steve 5 years ago

    You know it's a bad economy when even **Nike** can't afford to give out free t-shirts or key chains.

  • Danica 5 years ago

    Steve, I agree, though I do also think that Nike is notoriously cheap in this regard. I've had much better experiences with smaller running companies that are not as big Nike, though I do think Nike could have brought SOMETHING!

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