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Nik Wallenda performs epic tightrope walk at Georgia Dome (video)

Nik Wallenda had 30,000 people holding their breath at the Georgia Dome on Saturday night. The tight rope walker is known for his amazing stunts, but the walk across the top of the stadium on a single wire was nail-biting. Did we mention the stuntman decided not to wear a harness? According to Savannah Now on Sunday, this is the first time the walk has been performed inside a dome. With fans from the Winter Jam, a large Christian music festival watching, the man slowly moved on the rope with just a pole in hand.

The cable that was tight across the top of the dome looked steady as he tried to walk across. The trance-like action had people watching closely as there was no wire to save him in case he fell. As the man walked the fans were sitting in their seats, with their neck cranked to the sky, absorbed in the moment.

Entertainment comes in every form and fashion however Nik Wallenda’s nerves of steel are extraordinarily impressive. The emotion he offered the live audience had everyone intense and in the end the thrill of completing the walk was exciting. Who would have thought after walking over the Grand Canyon successfully he would have moved on to a venue indoors?

Take a look at the video clip of Nik Wallenda walking across the Georgia dome on just a wire. The man’s fearless take on living life is inspiring!

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