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Nijinsky Bellini

This drink is directly derived from the bellini, which is not as old as you might think. The Nijinsky name derives from the famous russian dancer as seen here:

Jean Cocteau and his world: an illustrated biography by Arthur King Peters in 1986

"Cocteau was soon waiting in the wings, watching with lover's eyes as the nineteen-year-old Nijinsky danced. ... This was Le Dieu Bleu, a Coctelian cocktail of Siamese/Indian lovers, malevolent priests, and a dramatic rescue"

This variation of the bellini is simple, just add vodka. It is undetermined where this drink derives, it is not Russia. Given the popularity of vodka in modern american drinking culture and the height of popularity of nijinsky this drink dates not long after the Bellini itself.

This drink dates between 1986 - 1993 and contained at least as of then:

Shake these ingredients:


Peach Puree

Simple Syrup

Top with Champagne in a champagne flute


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