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Nightmare on my street Part 3

Stop the noise already! Cats up the tree in the early AM.
Stop the noise already! Cats up the tree in the early AM.
J. Bauer

Many people claim to live in haunted houses. Some claim it's a lost relative coming to visit. Some think its a demon or other malign entity welcomed by bad choices and actions. Some still think it's just a 'recording' of things that happened in the past playing over and over in some kind of energy playback. And some are of the mind that it's a higher or non corporeal form of our consciousness. Our will, if strong, left over after our container bodies break irreparably and release it.

After our own experiences Our house tends to favor that last way, In our case, though the others may all be valid forms. There is activity here again.

Summer in the Springs can be hot and humid and for those without internal air conditioning it necessitates the opening of windows for some semblance of cooling airflow. Here there are many places like this. Our houses are often decades if not centuries old.

The hall door to the office that we usually keep closed has been left open for hopeful ventilation from a West wind through that window but it seems to have allowed a freer access of our spirit to the house recently. The form of a misty person, shorter, about 5 feet tall, measured against the penciled growth marks for us and our children's hight by the same door, peers at us from the hall. 

We caught ourselves chastising the entity for looking at my daughter's things without asking. Thinking it was our son in her room, though he proved to be out riding his bike at the time. Several of her books were audibly rifled through, the pages flipping quickly and being set down or rather tossed off her bedside shelf, and the bedsprings creaking from a weight that wasn't there. Her collection of statuettes and other chotchkes has been moved around and misplaced into other corners of the room.

The hall linen closet has been opening and left standing open which is a danger to those making bathroom forays after the lights go off at night. And the hall light was on again for a brief time. It hasn't worked in over 2 years despite a new bulb and a wiring check from an electrician passing through.

Someone is leaning over us at night causing fitful sleep and the children talking in their sleep tell us that they too are being peered at. Checking if we're really asleep or not?

The cats are running around crazily and yowling to get out before the sun comes up. It's unusual but they would face the wildlife outside, raccoons and foxes and roaming dogs, rather than stay in our hot unquiet house.

A haunted house can wear at your stamina in this way, making small stresses seem bigger and minor annoyances seem more poignant . It's not healthy for us but no one's getting hurt right? It's just like a bad neighbor with oft barking dogs, which we have too, just something you learn to ignore.


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