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Nightmare at a karaoke show

One bad night
One bad night

Karaoke hosts enjoy their jobs for many reasons. Helping people have fun singing and creating a welcome environment for children and adults to perform before an audience is part of the fun. Making singers sound as good as possible and providing quality entertainment for every venue is all part of the job. However, it isn't always easy to do this seemingly easy task as one host found at a recent karaoke show he later said was a terrible nightmare.

Karaoke shows require a sound system, video monitors, CD players or karaoke hosting software and all of these components must work properly to provide the show. When one piece of equipment fails to work during a show it must be fixed or replaced quickly to allow the show to continue.

Any equipment that is repeatedly transported, loaded and unloaded set up and taken down, can be damaged at any time during these procedures. Cables can be broken or the connections they make can be damaged. It's impossible for a KJ to carry a duplicate set of equipment to every show, so having some skill at solving problems or finding a way around these problems is very beneficial.

Imaging being a karaoke host and finding just before the show begins that your song library is gone? Your computer tells you that your external hard drive is not recognized by your operating system and must be formatted. You find that the cable from the drive to your USB port is damaged and fortunately you have a spare cable.

However, this is only the beginning of your nightmare.

As you attempt to play some intro music for your show you find that although your microphones work you have no sound from the music you're playing. You quickly find that a cable from your sound card is not connected properly, so you shut down and plug it in correctly.

After your first singer has completed his song your video monitor suddenly goes black. The next singer has to sing looking at the large TV above and behind you with her back to the audience. You find that the port on your external video convertor used for that monitor has blown and no longer works. Luckily you have a spare video convertor and shut down once again to replace the defective component.

Okay, now everything seems to be working fine and the nightmare is over right?

The next singer comes to the stage and starts to sing and his voice can't be heard. The music plays and he's singing but no one can hear him. The batteries for his microphone are dead. You hand him another microphone and start the song over and all is well.

You wonder "Is this nightmare over?"

If anyone has a karaoke nightmare to share, please feel free to comment here.

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